Q: What is pat testing? 

A: Portable appliance testing or PAT Testing is a safety precaution that ensures the electrical appliances used by places of employment, service or hire will not cause any damage or injury to employees, customers or renters. Various laws and regulations indicate it is the responsibility of businesses to perform ‘user checks’ as often as deemed necessary to ensure the equipment is functioning properly.

Q: What needs pat testing? 

A: All electrical appliances that are not part of a fixed installation and have a flexible cable and a plug or socket should be pat tested.

Q: Who needs to have pat testing in their health and safety policy? 

A: The Health and Safety Executive guidance topics state the requirement that “any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition.” Thus, it is important for any business owner, from a sole proprietorship who works from home, from a large multi-national corporation to ensure compliance with this requirement. The responsibility of safe appliances lies with the person who is the duty holder; this could be a business owner, landlord, equipment user, or manager of a premises.

Q: How often should we have our pat testing done? 

A: We will assess the environment first but we recommend testing once a year for most domestic appliances and every 2-3 years for stationary equipment.

Q: Will this disrupt the working day? 

A: There will be minimal disruption and we can work any hours that work best for you. 

Q: Do we get a lower rate if over a certain number of appliances? 

A: If you exceed a certain amount we will have a reduced rate. Please contact us for a quote 

Q: Do you carry out any repairs if something is faulty? 

A: We carry out minor repairs like fuse & plug changes as well as some cord repairs we can also advise on a safe solution. ( All fuses and standard 13 amp plugs are provided by us with no extra cost) 

Q: Do we get a full list of appliances and certificate once the pat testing is complete

A: Once all works are complete and payment received in full a certificate plus a full list of appliances will be issued and mailed to you ASAP.

  Advice from HSE