Why do we need PAT testing? 

With the introduction of the ‘Electricity at Work Act 1989’ this legislation places legal implications on employers to ensure the safety of electrical devices in the workplace.

The regulations dictate that all portable equipment must be inspected regularly and tested to ensure that it is safe for use. ‘Portable equipment’ means any electrical item that can be moved, which means that this regulation covers items from computer systems and printers to kettles and televisions.

Dangerous or faulty electrical appliances should not be in use within any working environment. It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure his/her staff can work safely whilst using any electrical equipment.  All staff or users should carry out their own  user checks to see if there are any obvious signs of danger before use, but as a PAT testing company we can do so much more……

We will visually inspect, test, record and identify any piece of portable electrical equipment as either safe for use for a said period or condemn an appliance as unsafe until it has been repaired fully or replaced. Other than ‘minor repairs’ ( plug and fuse change) it is the clients responsibility to remove or repair any electrical appliance that has failed the pat test. 

Reasons why appliances and cables fail the pat test: 
• Over heating 
• Over loading sockets 
• Trapped or over stretched cables 
• Non Compliant or non British standard appliances
• Contact with outside elements
• High risk or poor environments 
• Age and high usage 
• Neglect
• Incorrect fuses, plugs & wiring 

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