PAT Test Training

New Division Electric Ltd has been in operation since 2008. We have spent over 20 years not only PAT testing but also training operatives in how to PAT test. From an introduction into this industry to dealing with corporate clients across all sectors we cover everything you will need to know in carrying out your PAT testing.

We can provide one to one training, onsite training or a full classroom! Call us 01403 336399 for a full description on our training courses. Prices will vary depending on what type of training you require and how many trainees per session.

As part of the PAT training exercise we provide, our presentation includes:

1. Introduction to PAT testing
2. Compliance - Health & Safety
3. How to provide a professional service 
4. Industries & environments
5. PPE and equipment
6. Technical skills and using PAT machines.
7. Inspections.
8. Creating reports.
9. A 'Certificate of Competence' will be issued at the end of your session.